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The Indian beverage market is emerging and high-growth with unlimited prospects. In response to market changes, Newamstar has been constantly innovating, upgrading and improving beverage packaging technology to help more Indian customers achieve rapid and sound development. After years of development and hard work, Newamstar has won the deep trust of Indian customers with its high-quality products, dedicated and timely service.


Newamstar’s PET aseptic filling technology can be used for different packaging forms and different packaging specifications, while enriching product diversity. In order to meet customers' requirements for quickly switching product specifications, Newamstar relies on its strong technical background and rich experience, combining the blowing-filling-spinning machine technology


The appearance of UHT technology for fruit particleThere are two kinds of sterilization method for beverage with fruit particle. One is sterilization retort, it means after filling, the PET bottled or aluminum can product will be put in a basket and then put into the sterilization retort for spraying with high temperature water or steam; another one is using a heating pot to heat the fruit pulp in small batches before filling and then make the filling process. For the first method, the product packaging material must be high temperature resistant material, and product PH value has important impact on material cost. If the PH value is more neutral, it may need much higher sterilization temperature for the product, so the packaging material cost should be much higher. No matter using the sterilization retort or the equipment has low sterilization capacity, the processing capacity of each batch is limited and cannot supply product continuously. It needs to be replaced in the middle of production. In addition, when the materials are heated through the cooking pot, the temperature will be uneven. Sometimes the central temperature in the pot does not meet the standard, which may lead to risks such as incomplete sterilization. In addition, during the heat transfer and heating process of the materials through the pot wall, the internal surface of the cooking pot is prone to burn and scale, resulting in difficult cleaning. The general shortcomings of the above equipment gave birth to the research and development of UHT technology.


At present, the two-level differentiation of the liquid product packaging machinery manufacturing industry is becoming more and more obvious. A few outstanding companies represented by Newamstar are still increasing investment in various aspects including technology research and development, striving to stabilize and expand the market, in order to actively look for the strategies under the pressure of economic downturn. In recent years, mainstream European suppliers have been continuously adjusting their strategies and tactics in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the Chinese market.


As a long-term partner of beverage enterprises, Newamstar has been working hard on carbonated beverage packaging since its establishment. In 2004, Newamstar PET bottled carbonated beverage ultra clean production line was successfully recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. Therefore, Newamstar took the lead in introducing clean and ultra clean processes into the field of carbonated beverage production and carried out practical application. Clean and ultra clean process is a process innovation carried out by Newamstar from the perspective of reducing customer production costs, improving product coverage and improving product quality. It has the advantages that conventional isobaric filling production lines do not have, and can greatly improve the taste and nutrition retention of beverages.


Newamstar provided EAC Group with turnkey solution of 24,000BPH aseptic combi-block production line, it was designed from pre-treatment system, aseptic combi-block, secondary packaging conveying system to palletizing and warehousing. The whole production line can easily realize the production of multi-category products and the changeover of various bottle sizes and packaging forms. For equipment installation and commissioning, Newamstar project team concentrated all their best to chase the project schedule under the condition of ensuring site safety.