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72,000BPH Ozone-free Mineral Water Packaging Solution



72,000BPH Ozone-free Mineral Water Packaging Solution

Early in 2009, Newamstar tailored-made one 36,000 BPH (500ml) PET bottled filling production line for Danone Group which used for low-ozone bottle water production. So far, Newamstar’s ozone-free mineral water technology has laid a solid foundation in the industry.
Erquanyingyue, an innovative mineral water company in the city of Wuxi, focuses on high-end family drinking water improvement solutions and follows the world’s most strict drinking water standards, in 2014, it cooperated with Newamstar by purchasing one new generation of 24,000 BPH ozone-free aseptic combiblock production line. The production line was the first to adopt the “ozone-free process, aseptic line filling” technology in China, and replace the traditional ozone sterilization with pure physical filtration to successfully eliminate the production of bromate in water. At the same time, the production process has passed the FSSC22000 food safety system certification, becoming the first mineral water plant in China to adopt the ozone-free sterilization process and the integrated intelligent factory solution. The new ozone-free mineral water technology has once again become the focus of the industry.
In 2017, Newamstar won the favor of “the best brand of Internet mineral water” – Tian Di Jing Hua. It purchased two 72,000 BPH (500ml) ozone-free mineral water blowing-filling-capping combiblock production lines and one 12,000 BPH(4L) ozone-free mineral water blowing-filling-capping combiblock production line from Newamstar, three production lines all adopted Ozone-free and additive-free packaging solutions. After the whole lines are put into operation, Tian Di Jing Hua can produce millions of tons of bottled mineral water per year.
In 2018, Newamstar provided advanced ozone-free bottled water blowing-filling-capping combiblock production line solutions for many famous enterprises such as Zhong Wo in Henan and Dongting Mountain in Suzhou.
Nowadays, the advanced ozone-free mineral water packaging solutions offered by Newamstar have been successfully put into production in more and more plants. The combination of two advanced concepts and technologies of “ozone-free & production and storage integration” produces the effect of 1+1﹥2, which is the first choice for production with low carbon and environmental protection, energy saving, and cost reduction. It also guarantees the health of mineral water. Food comes first to people, and water comes first to food. The enhancement of consumers’ safety and health awareness will surely usher in new market opportunities for ozone-free mineral water.
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