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36,000BPH Clean-type CSD Combi-block Production Line



36,000BPH Clean-type CSD Combi-block Production Line

After establishing strategic cooperation relationship with Wahaha, Ziquan beverage, Tsingtao beer and other domestic enterprises in the category of carbonated beverages, Newamstar provided one set of 36,000BPH/500ml Clean-type CSD Combiblock production line for Heibei Hanrong Packing Container Ltd. Co.,which has the advantages that the traditional CSD production line does not have, and can greatly improve the beverage taste and nutrition retention.
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Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.
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