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Meet the Condiment Market in the Post-epidemic Era

Meet the Condiment Market in the Post-epidemic Era


Condiment, as an indispensable flavoring for Chinese cooking, shows every Chinese taste from dawn to dusk, from the shore of the South China Sea to northern frontiert, and releases every simple life feeling, brings the lasting memory of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, and fresh.

In the extraordinary year of 2020, the sudden epidemic of COVID-19 has brought huge impact on the economic development, and brought new proposition and new exploration to the condiment industry:It is how to adapt to market changes, develop new models and accelerate the speed of product upgrading and iteration.

Three Trends Promote the Future Market

· Growing Demand of Household Condiment

At the beginning of the epidemic outbreak, the demand of condiment for foodservice industry declined significantly, and the demand of household condiment became a sales breakthrough. From January to December 2020, the national income of foodservice industry reached 3.9527 trillion RMB, which fell 16.6% year on year. On the contrary, the sales performance of the enterprises whose sales channels are mainly in the supermarket and products are for household shew an uptrend. The impact of the epidemic promoted the consumption of household condiment, and even a small upsurge in household consumption.

· New Consumer Groups and Sales Channels

The new generation of consumer group, represented by the post-90s generation, have a persistent pursuit for quality, which requires that the whole condiment industry competition should change from price to brand value, it also requires the whole condiment industry pay more attention to make condiment healthier, functional, personalized, diversified, and systematic, to promote their own condiment won the category competition, and obtain higher profits. According to this year’s market data, oyster sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce and other industry branches had an objective growth rates, they are 22.28%, 14.42%, 12.66%.

In terms of sales channels, home delivery service of e-commerce not only meets consumers’ demand for the immediacy and convenience of getting the condiment, but also effectively reduces logistics costs, creatively achieves new sales highpoint, and at the same time increases brand communication, expands brand influence, and promotes the healthy development of condiment enterprises.

· High-end and Intelligent Manufacturing Expands the Comprehensive Competitive Advantage of Enterprises

The essence of intelligent manufacturing is to use technology to get rid of dependence on manpower, improve production efficiency and ensure product safety and quality. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is necessary to further reduce on-site operation personnel and strengthen personnel control. In order to deal with the unexpected future problems and achieve high-speed growth bucking the trend, the enterprises with valuable brand are speeding up using the advantages of intelligent manufacturing, effectively guarantee market supply, and constantly expand the advantages of production capacity to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Eight Technologies Promote the Development of the Industry

Since entering the condiment field on a large scale in 2011, Newamstar has successively carried out close cooperation with famous condiment enterprises such as Haitian, Yihai, COFCO, Jiajia, Hengshun, Donggu, Qianhe, Luhua, Heinz, and accumulated rich experience in project implementation. According to the characteristics of the condiment market in the post-epidemic era, Newamstar provides customers with excellent quality products with thoughtful and meticulous services to assist downstream enterprises to cope with the new changes and challenges of the market.

According to the characteristics of the condiment market in the post-epidemic era, Newamstar provides customers with excellent quality products with thoughtful and meticulous services to assist downstream enterprises to cope with the new changes and challenges of the market.

· PET Bottle Packaging

PET bottle packaging is more suitable for logistics and distribution than the traditional glass bottle packaging, and it is more convenient for storage. PET bottle blowing equipment can achieve onsite blowing and online production, it also achieves a high degree of automation. The PET bottles have a variety of styles, and it can better meet the consumers’ needs of personalization and diversity.

From the beginning of 21st century, Newamstar launched PET bottle blowing machine series. In 2006, Newamstar developed the first 20-cavity rotary blower in China. In 2014, Newamstar developed the first 80,000BPH ultra high-speed rotary blower in China. Newamstar not only has rich experience and many implementation cases, but also has a complete PET bottle rotary blower series, including capacity from 1,200BPH to 81,000BPH which can be easily selected by customers.

· Bundled Packaging Solution

Bundled promotion outfit is a way to give actual concessions to end consumers, win favor for enterprise, and enhance sale competitiveness in the market. Newamstar provides bundled plan with strong adaptability for our customers to make customers adjust at any time to respond to market changes. At present, Newamstar has carried out cooperation with many customers in bundled project, which includes 5L and one of 400ml, 700ml, 900ml, this has won the unanimous praise of many customers.

· Orientation Technology

Newamstar uses the long-term accumulated experience, introduced the equipment with mature mechanical orientation technology and servo sealing technology assisted by visual inspection, which can be able to solve the orientation problem quickly and accurately, to better improve consumers’ experience, strengthen the competitive power of the brand and customers’ loyalty. At present, Newamstar has applied the cap and bottle orientation technology which has exclusive patents in several bottle handle projects, bringing more convenient and pleasant consumption experience for consumers.

· Filling Process

Newamstar is the first one in China started in developing aseptic filling technology and ultra-clean filling technology, and then continued to iterate, the related technology has been in the leading position in the industry. According to the different features of the products, combined with the needs of customers, Newamstar helps customers to choose clean, ultra-clean, and aseptic filling machine to meet product processes. If customers mainly promoted the products that has the features of zero added and zero preservatives, ultra-clean and aseptic filling machine will be customers’ preferred choice. It can help customers achieve a breakthrough in high-end products, thus forming a differentiated competitive advantage, and making the healthier and more delicious products gain popularity among the new generation consumer groups.

· Traceability

The reliable quality traceability system from Newamstar can ensure the product safety traceability. Depending on the complete visual inspection system and the traceability system of “one thing has one code”, the products appearance quality can be ensured, on the other hand, realizing the cod connection of the bottles, cases and pallets which ensures the reliable traceability of production processes.

· Flexible Electronic Filling

The flexible electronic filling technology from Newamstar can meet various products demands. The filling valve equipped with servo speed control device, can dynamically adjust the filling mode and form, meet the switch of different materials, and ensure the filling stability, it can effectively solve the filling problem of the foaming materials. If the production workshop is compact, customers can use the flexible electronic filling system to easily realize the compatibility and quick switching of various materials such as soy sauce, vinegar and cooking wine, and ensure the stability and reliability of the filling.

· Intelligent Management System

Production line intelligent management system can assist the production management, monitor operation and failure data of all equipment in the production line in real-time, and timely analyze the data to improve the production efficiency. At the same time, it can automatically generate production data report according to the requirements of enterprise, count the energy consumption data, energy consumption loss, maintenance, troubleshooting, daily operation, material requirements, etc. To realize unmanned, paperless management, which can facilitate the enterprise for decision-making and overall planning. At the same time, it can realize equipment health management, preventive maintenance, real-time monitoring the equipment comprehensive energy consumption, helping enterprises improve equipment operation efficiency.

· Production and Storage Integration

In 2016, Newamstar firstly launched the intelligent factory solution with production and storage integration in the industry. The solution is mainly composed of automatic production lines, automatic warehousing system, intelligent management system, and information processing system. It can carry out data identification, collection and tracking for products input, detection, production, warehousing, logistics transportation, etc. and conduct whole life cycle management for procurement, production, sales, circulation, service, etc. which can help our customers improve production efficiency and energy utilization, reduce labor intensity and management costs, achieve the integration and intelligence of production, packaging, warehousing and logistics, improve food safety traceability, ensure product quality and safety.

In the post-epidemic era, with the trend of fine cooking at home and the demand for high quality, healthy and delicacy household condiment, the development of the condiment industry still has great potential. With strong system solutions, professional project management and service ability, Newamstar can directly face every market opportunity, fully consider the user experience, product safety and diversity, continue to make efforts to realize digitization, intelligence, and provide customers with one-stop overall solutions.

The present Chinese condiment industry is forming a pattern of “one super strong, more stronger”, the degree of concentration is more and more obvious. The intelligent factory solution with production and storage integration will be a powerful tool in the enterprise development, it can not only improve the efficiency and ability of high-quality development, but also make the product quality more guaranteed, and lay a solid foundation for countertrend growth. Newamstar will expand the new thinking, grasp the new opportunities, explore a new direction with condiment enterprises. Develop digital, networked, intelligent product experience together from the perspective of consumers to satisfy Chinese people’s yearning and pursuit for a better life and keep working and striving to create everyone loved Chinese taste!