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Hanrong Packaging: Dance to the Rhythm of Carbonated Beverage Market

Hanrong Packaging: Dance to the Rhythm of Carbonated Beverage Market


As one of the earliest soft drinks in China’s market, carbonated beverage plays an irreplaceable role in the mass consumer goods market and has become a feeling, a memory and a symbol. Domestic brand carbonated drinks have experienced ups and downs for several times and have withstood the test of the market again and again. Some appears and shine for a while; Some quietly reformed and returned to the market.

With the advent of national health era and the enhancement of consumers’ health awareness, fruit juice, coarse grain drinks, vinegar drinks and other products focusing on “health concept” have become a new favorite in the beverage market, and the carbonated beverage market with high sugar content once fell into a downturn.

However, with the rapid rise of sugar free carbonated drinks, the carbonated beverage market presents a vigorous growth trend. Statistics show that the cumulative output of carbonated drinks in China reached 17.446 million tons in 2018, 18.453 million tons in 2019 and 19.713 million tons in 2020.

During the epidemic in 2020, many beverage categories such as drinking water and fruit juice were impacted. With the rise of “Stay at home economy” and the exploration and market launch of new concept products such as “0 sugar”, the carbonated beverage industry once again attracted the attention of the younger generation of consumers, and the carbonated beverage industry achieved contrarian growth.

As a long-term partner of beverage enterprises, Newamstar has been working hard on carbonated beverage packaging since its establishment. In 2004, Newamstar PET bottled carbonated beverage ultra clean production line was successfully recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. Therefore, Newamstar took the lead in introducing clean and ultra clean processes into the field of carbonated beverage production and carried out practical application. Clean and ultra clean process is a process innovation carried out by Newamstar from the perspective of reducing customer production costs, improving product coverage and improving product quality. It has the advantages that conventional isobaric filling production lines do not have, and can greatly improve the taste and nutrition retention of beverages.

In recent years, the sugar-free carbonated beverage products continuously launched by beverage enterprises have driven the growth of carbonated drinks. New carbonated drinks with health, diversity, nature and innovative integration are gradually becoming a popular trend in the future. At the same time, energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection have always been the topics of the industry and enterprises. How to achieve intelligent production and green development while reducing costs and expenses? Therefore, Newamstar has successfully developed an advanced dry aseptic blowing-filling-capping combiblock based on its mature technology for both stilled water and carbonated product machine and domestic leading aseptic filling technology. It has been put into the market in batches and won high praise from many customers.

Facing the production needs of customers at home and abroad and the unstoppable development trend of new carbonated drinks, Newamstar has continuously improved its service connotation, helped beverage manufacturers, and reached strategic cooperation with many well-known beverage brands in the category of carbonated drinks. In July 2020, Newamstar again joined hands with Hebei Hanrong packaging container Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in North China, to design a 36000BPH(500ml) clean type carbonated combiblock production line.

Hebei Hanrong packaging container Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is located in Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, and has successful cooperation with Yili, Mengniu, Wang Laoji and other famous domestic brands. At the beginning of 2020, Hanrong made an important decision to enter the field of carbonated drinks after full market research. In June 2020, Hanrong organized a technical investigation team to conduct on-site investigation at multiple user sites of Newamstar. When Hanrong team came to the Tsingtao Beer site and saw the 36000BPH combiblock production line running at high speed and the smooth production of bottles of “light zero” drinks, Hanrong team was deeply impressed by the stable and efficient operation of the production line, reasonable equipment layout, humanized equipment configuration and convenient whole line control.

Subsequently, Mr.Lv, chairman of Hanrong company, personally led the team to Newamstar headquarter to further discuss the project. After the site visit, the delegation further learned about the strong R&D capability, advanced processing equipment and manufacturing technology of Newamstar, and felt that Newamstar has been focusing on its main business, playing a steady role, driving development with innovation, and taking root and blossom the dream of “Made in China, Made for the world”.

In early July 2020, at the invitation of Hanrong company, Newamstar technical team went to Hanrong headquarter for project negotiation. After several rounds of technical details comparison, screening of case applications in the industry and evaluation of comprehensive advantages, Hanrong did not hesitate to choose Newamstar for this 36000BPH clean type combiblock production line.

As the production line arrived at the Hanrong company site as scheduled, the Newamstar project team carried out the installation and commissioning work in full swing. In only one month, the installation, commissioning and acceptance of the equipment were completed, which won time and benefits for the customers and therefore Newamstar handed over satisfactory result to the customer.

After the Spring Festival in 2021, Hanrong began to cooperate with Shandong Mengtian dairy and Yuanqi Senlin. Meng Tian dairy is a representative of tea beverage containing milk. Its products are rich in foam and easy to boil. In order to meet the production requirements of the product and ensure the product quality, Newamstar arranged technicians to arrive at the scene to quickly adjust the details from the perspective of material characteristics and product quality control, so as to ensure the stability of filling and the reliability of product quality.

Hanrong company has promoted the development of beverage market through ingenious operation and intensive cultivation. Newamstar will also continue to escort customers and work with Hanrong company to put fresh, nutritious and diversified development elements into the beverage market to better meet consumers’ yearning for a better life.


  • Andrea Vondráčočková

    03/09/2019 at 10:30

    Newamstar ensures the stability of product quality, at the same time we are committed to providing sustainable, energy-saving, cost-reducing solutions and environment-friendly solution, making the production more economical, efficient and flexible.

  • Kimo Yesiie

    03/09/2018 at 00:30

    In the factory layout design, the application of advanced concept of smart factory has integrated the pre-treatment system, blowing-filling-capping combiblock system, secondary packaging system, and stereoscopic storage system, which can help us improve the overall operational efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and achieve fast and reliable traceability of food safety to meet the needs of food enterprises for intelligent logistics.

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