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EASTROC Group: Flying Higher with Intelligent Logistics

EASTROC Group: Flying Higher with Intelligent Logistics


Innovation is the primary driving force for the development. Newamstar has released the intelligent warehouse and logistics system since 2015, and proposed the integrated production and storage intelligent factory solution initiatively in 2016. From year of 2017 Newamstar fully expanded the field of intelligent logistics and engaged in the new era of the integrated production and storage intelligent factory solution.

From the high efficient line to the intelligent logistic equipment to “one-stop solution of customized intelligent logistic system”, Newamstar has been aggressively working in the field of intelligent logistics and provided many intelligent warehouses for customers. Newamstar team of intelligent logistics has experienced background in different areas like pharmaceutical, new energy, automobile, food and beverage, military project, 3C and chemical fiber etc., with more than 200 intelligent warehouse systems’ program planning, software and hardware R&D and the successful experience of project operation. Newamstar has successively researched and developed the key logistic equipment like high speed stacker, RGV, AGV, auto forklift with laser guidance and intelligent sorting machine. Each part of the intelligent logistic has been inter-connected, whole process control and all views online have been achieved. The approval level and impact in the field of intelligent logistics have been growing for Newamstar with the in-time communication with new and old customers, convenient management and easier and fast operation.

As the prosperous development of the modern logistics, famous beverage brands in China and abroad like EASTROC get ready for the new start point and take advantage of the modern logistics for the development.

Not only building the intelligent warehouse system by using all kinds of the logistics equipment with the function of independent decision-making, decentration and discrete control, but also owing the high level of automation and flexibility which can improve the application experience of the integration of production and integration. The new mode innovation for beverage warehouse storage has been achieved and makes the company fully prepared for a new round of rapid development.

Intelligent Warehousing, Develop as the Trend

In the year 2017, the manufacturing base in Guangzhou of EASTROC group faced the challenge that the warehouse area could not satisfy the growing production and warehousing demand, the request for the space on height direction is a must to achieve the benefit increasing. Therefore, project team from Newamstar made the investigation and survey at site in EASTROC factory, and customized the intelligent warehouse proposal as per the request from EASTROC target triple storage expansion on the existing factory area and height through the automation and informatization. Eventually the storage rate has been expanded through the scientific plan, directional research and professional construction by the intelligent logistics project team from Newamstar, the expected result was achieved.

In the year of 2019, EASTROC group built the production base in south part of China and requested the warehousing system to be built as per the highest standard in the industry, and targeted for the intelligence function. In the next one year time, the technical team of intelligent logistics from Newamstar cooperated with team from EASTROC and the final intelligent warehouse implementation construction plan is confirmed, considering the construction height, foundation bearing, equipment selection and in/out storage efficiency.

Specially and Originally Customized Project

Newamstar intelligent logistics team customized the overall layout scheme of parallel operation of multiple lateral stackers according to customers’ actual demand. Goods going in and out of the warehouse is completed by the cooperation of several stackers, which releases the pressure of single stacker’s workload and greatly ensures the normal storage and delivery of the products.

The principle of ‘average distribution’ is adopted for product storage, which ensures that different products can be stored in the roadway of each sub-module. This can not only improve the efficiency of products in and out storage, but also avoid the problem that a certain batch of products can’t be delivered due to equipment failure.

Meanwhile, Newamstar also specially designed a set of warehouse delivery system consisting of several independent conveyors, where all the conveyors work together under the instructions of WMS and WCS system. Once the conveyor fails, it can be taken offline manually and automatically. The WCS system will automatically reroutes the delivery path of the goods without influencing the incoming and outgoing operations.

In terms of network layout, a more mature multi-pass wireless scheme is adopted to achieve a full communication coverage between devices. Advanced optical communication mode is applied to stackers, which are connected with the loading machine through network cables. The conveyor system adopts distributed IO control and industrial Ethernet cabling communication to improve the reliability of the communication. The three-dimension warehouse database adopts the software specially dealing with the storage of large amount of data, which has a larger data storage capacity and faster processing speed. In the WMS system, sub-table storage is adopted to guarantee that commonly used data amount runs in low position as well as improve the response speed of the system.

Each single machine has various operation modes like automatic, manual, maintenance etc. to choose from. When one machine breaks down, you can even switch to manual or maintenance model for manual operation.

Successful Operation, Benefit for Future

Warehouse of EASTROC group in south China has 20000 storage position, covering an area of 7000 square meters, which saves at least 20 people for warehouse management and forklift work, achieves unmanned and intelligent operation in the whole procedure for the product from the production line to in/out storage stage. The intelligent warehouse system connects the users’ box code system and delivery management system, being able to successfully track the exact producing time of each box and the place each box is sold to.

The completion of the warehouse in south China marks that EASTROC group has taken a new step in intelligent manufacturing industry, starting a new journey.

From the upgrading of the Guangzhou warehousing system to the construction of the south China warehousing system, it is the unprecedented trust and courage that makes the strategic partnership closer and deeper between Newamstar and EASTROC group. In the future, Newamstar will merit the trust as always, keep the great ideal “Chinese Equipment, World Equipment”, handing in hand with EASTROC group, striving ahead with the industry enterprises to make each manufacturing factory more integrated, more intelligent and more efficient!