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Dry Type Ultra-Clean Combi Technology Helps EASTROC Achieve Product Upgrading

Dry Type Ultra-Clean Combi Technology Helps EASTROC Achieve Product Upgrading


Just as its name shows, the citrus lemon tea is mixed with sweetness from citrus, sourness from lemon, mellow and fragrant taste from black tea, which created the unique flavor and has gained good reputation in Guangdong market. It not only evoked childhood memories of many people, but also coincided with the relaxed, independent and free life attitude of young people, which attracted the attention of the young group, as the result, the market demand grew rapidly.

From the beginning of 2020, affected by the epidemic, the beverage market has underperformed. With the situation being gradually effectively controlled, EASTROC group took the lead and launched a new product “citrus lemon tea”, opening the new era for Lemon tea product.

The citrus lemon tea with new package design not only have optimization and upgrade in flavor, but also have innovation in recipe, packaging specification, marketing plan and promotion strategy. Every innovation is based on in-depth research and judgment of consumer demand.

As the strategic partner of EASTROC Group, Newamstar collected the feedback information from both EASTROC and its consumers, analyzed market demand carefully, precisely predicted the development trend of the market, and then provided the advanced packaging technology and solution which is more stable and reliable, more efficient and energy-saving, and more user-friendly. Newamstar constantly attached new functions, new features and new advantages to the production line to help customer build ideal smart factory, and seize the market by creating the healthy and fresh product. Newamstar and EASTROC Group have been going forward hand in hand all the time, and during the sincere cooperation, the track of innovation and development can be seen clearly.

In view of the good foundation of the successful cooperation between the two parties, EASTROC Group decided to order one 24,000BPH dry type ultra-clean combiblock production line from Newamstar.

The machine is equipped with VHP system, which can effectively sterilize the preform. It is more environmental friendly as it uses less disinfectant.

The filling system adopts RABs aseptic isolation chamber technology to ensure the sanitation of the filling environment. The COP/SOP can ensure the thorough cleaning of the internal surface of the equipment, and RABs can effectively maintain the internal clean state.

The filling valve is non-contact flowmeter hot filling type, with return system inside. The product can be recycled and returned inside the internal piping.

The aseptic capping machine isolates all the moving parts outside of the clean room, and the constant torque screw capping design guarantees the torque consistency.

The application of various innovative technologies can guarantee the quality and safety of products. The 24,000 BPH ultra-clean combiblock production line is running at full capacity to meet the market demand.

The new product is highly recognized by the market, which doubles the confidence of EASTROC Group and make them continue to increase the investment in lemon tea. Therefore, the citrus lemon tea has been upgraded. With the help of the influence and appeal of famous actress Yang Zi, a comprehensive sales promotion campaign, brand inheritance with concentration and innovation, strong support for EASTROC brand strategy, the brand recognition, and the special product and flavor have brought vitality into the entire lemon tea market and even whole the tea market.

In the future, we can still expect the development of citrus lemon tea. Newamstar will, as always, cooperate with EASTROC Group, focus on the beverage packaging industry and keep innovation, and work hard with EASTROC Group to write a grand chapter in healthy drinks industry.