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Blowing-Filling-Capping Combi-Block, The Core Technology Of Nemamstar

Blowing-Filling-Capping Combi-Block, The Core Technology Of Nemamstar


“Thanks for Newamstar’s caring and support for so many years, and we watch Newamstar grow stronger step by step. On behalf of President Zong, I would like to express my sincere respect to you and your company! I hope you are getting better and better and make the whole world know Made-in-China.” At the 30th anniversary celebration of Wahaha, President Pan and Chairman Ho of Newamstar said very few words.

On the eve of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat, after 9 days and 9 nights of rush work, the trial production of 30,000BPH CSD blowing-filling-capping combi-block production line in Tibet Wahaha was successful, which is extremely exciting. This is the 9th blowing-filling-capping combi-block production line provided by Newamstar for Wahaha Group, and it is gloriously recorded in the development history of Newamstar blowing-filling-capping combi-block, shining brilliantly.

With the continuous growth of the domestic beverage market, China’s beverage production equipment is gradually developing towards intensive development.

Newamstar blowing-filling-capping combi-block machine is a good example of intensive. The integration of blowing, filling and capping not only reduces the intermediate links of empty bottle transfer and empty bottle processing, but also reduces the possibility of product pollution. Moreover, the production efficiency of the entire line is improved, and energy consumption and pollution emissions can be reduced.

Blowing-filling-capping combi-block machine equipment started earlier in Europe, so in the early years, most of beverage production enterprises in China preferred to introduce equipment from European mainstream suppliers, especially 36,000BPH blowing-filling-capping combi-block and more than 36000BPH capacity. Looking around the domestic market, there are only a handful of equipment suppliers that are truly capable of developing blowing-filling-capping combi-block. As a leading company in the industry, Newamstar was the first to develop China’s first 36,000BPH lightweight bottle blowing-filling-capping combi-block and formally released it in 2010, which won a lot of support and trust from customers at home and abroad.

In 2010, China’s first 36000BPH lightweight bottle blowing-filling-capping combi-block was successfully developed by Newamstar, and then Coca-Cola’s bottled water OEM manufacturer Nanjing Maoding and Yunnan Shanquan under Nestle Group became Newamstar’s first batch of blowing-filling-capping combi-block customers.

In 2012, Newamstar took another step to develop China’s first 51000BPH high-speed blowing-filling-capping combi-block, which was successfully delivered to China Resources Yibao OEM factory. And this equipment is still running stably and highly efficient today.

In 2014, Newamstar fully upgraded combi-block technology, completed the development of China’s first 80,000BPH ultra-high-speed blowing-filling-capping combi-block, and successfully settled in Ganten group.

While Newamstar surpassed European blowing-filling-capping combi-block in terms of speed, it also continued to develop blowing-filling-capping combi-block that are more suitable for the local market and adapted to diverse needs based on the intricate status of the domestic beverage market, which reflecting distinct Chinese characteristics.

In 2014, Newamstar developed China’s first aseptic blowing-sterilizing-filling-capping combi-block production line, which continued to occupy the technological high ground of domestic aseptic filling equipment.

In 2015, Newamstar developed China’s first 48000BPH high-speed CSD blowing-filling-capping combi-block production line, which was put into use in the Wahaha Group Yichang Branch to realize the free switching of water line and CSD line.

In 2016, Newamstar completed a revolutionary breakthrough in abandoning chemicals in a mineral water production line on the basis of a traditional blowing-filling-capping combi-block, and developed the first ozone-free mineral water blowing-filling-capping combi-block production line in China.

In 2018, relying on the strong technical strength and rich experience, Newamstar completed the upgrade of the aseptic filling production line again and developed the first dry way sterilization high-speed aseptic blowing-filling-capping combi-block production line in China.

In 2019, Newamstar supplied multiple 15L blowing-filling-capping combi-block production lines to Ganten group, and all those production lines were successfully put into operation at the Ganten Plant, thereby promoting the leap-forward development of the disposable barrel water market. In addition, Newamstar also developed the hot filling blowing-filling-capping combi-block which is compatible with water line, the medium-temperature blowing-sterilizing-filling-capping combi-block, and even the blowing-filling-capping combi-block, which providing more choices and more help for many beverage manufacturers.

At present, the two-level differentiation of the liquid product packaging machinery manufacturing industry is becoming more and more obvious. A few outstanding companies represented by Newamstar are still increasing investment in various aspects including technology research and development, striving to stabilize and expand the market, in order to actively look for the strategies under the pressure of economic downturn. In recent years, mainstream European suppliers have been continuously adjusting their strategies and tactics in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the Chinese market. Domestic equipment suppliers can only narrow the gap with mainstream European suppliers by updating and innovating on technological innovation, business management, and supply chain. Newamstar, will comprehensively coordinate the production and maintenance processes of customers, continue to provide advanced technology output and high-quality production lines including blowing-filling-capping combi-block, improve efficiency and production capacity, promote environmental protection, and work with customers to create the best solution and pursue the perfect operation results.